Our electric Oset & KTM bikes are charged and ready to ride, just turn up.


Motivating children at school can sometimes be difficult, that's why we show them how every subject could be important for them in their dreams some day. We just use motocross as the example, even if this sport is not for them.


Like all the other gear, we have a range of different sized helmets for you to use.


Our purpose built tracks are awesome! They are designed so absolute beginners can learn to ride but can also be a challenge for those with experience.


Our qualified coaches are here for every step. So although parents or guardians have to be here at all times, you don't need to know anything about motorcycling!


Just wear comfortable clothing that can either be worn underneath our motocross gear or changed out of.

"This sport has provided me with so many great experiences. I have travelled the world with racing and met lots of great people. I support Begin Off Road because even if one person can have the opportunities I have had, that would be great!"

Pete Mathia (former world champinoship motocross racer and British Motocross Champion)

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