Ages 4+

We cater for children from 4+. Our standard sessions are for 6-12 year olds. Anyone younger than 6 can join us for a 1 to 1 session. We teach them how to ride an offroad motorbike, safely! Ladies only sessions have now been added to our weekday schedule. These sessions are designed for absolute beginners and are a great way to start.


Our electric Oset bikes are great for learning how to ride. Adjustable power settings allow for varying abilities and with no noise our guidance can be heard easily.

All abilities

Our tracks, bikes and coaches are suited for absolute beginners. It is also a great way for experienced racers to try out this new breed of motocross bikes.

"My parents were very supportive but knew nothing about Motocross. It was really hard for me in the beginning. I want to make it easier for kids to start riding, even if it is just to see if they like it"

James Johnson-Pickering (Director)

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